Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Alaska Trip, Day 3, At Sea

(Day 03 Photos), Not a whole lot to say about this day since we were at sea the whole day with not a lot going on outside the ship. It was mostly relaxing. We explored the ship and got familiar with what was where.

I was looking out the balcony and noticed an animal in the water. I got ES and my mom out there and I got some pictures of what ended up being some dolphins. Lots of dolphins, really - perhaps 30-50 of them that we could see on our side of the boat (port side? The left.). At first I was too slow with my camera, but I tried some other settings and got the burst mode going - 5 frames per second. Then I was able to get some neat shots.

We had the formal dinner that evening - see pictures for what we wore. Some people really like the formal dinner, however I didn't think it was any better than the normal dinner nights. Great dinner rolls though - had bleu cheese infused. Dan got a "to go" order of them wrapped in an aluminum foil swan.

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