Friday, August 24, 2007


Alaska Trip, Day 2, Leaving Vancouver

A continuation of the day-by-day blog of my trip to Alaska. A link to pictures is included below...

(Day 02 Photos), Woke up at a reasonable time to go on a morning tour of the city. We thought this would probably be the best way for DM and JK to see Vancouver a bit since they only had that morning before we got on the ship. A tour bus took us to see a few sights in town like a tall building with a look-out deck, Stanley park, and to a fish-market shopping area. We spied the Sapphire Princess from the tall building, n' got some pictures. Stanley park is pretty nice, but we saw a lot of that the day before. This time we saw a suspension bridge which connects Vancouver to North Vancouver, and apparently that's the road to get to Whistler, too.

The fish market / wharf area was fun, though we were really rushed there. One could certainly purchase some fresh vegetables, fish, meat, or anything there, seemed to me. It was a busy area, though I couldn't tell if it was locals or tourists that made it busy.

Finally we got dropped at the dock to get on the ship. Customs went quickly, and we got on board. I had never seen a cruise ship up close before - and it's big. They had huge cranes loading many pallets of food. I could be mistaken, but it appeared that the whole week's worth of food for everyone was loaded right there in Vancouver as most-if-not-all of the other ports we stopped at had no such facilities.

Everyone quickly navigated to their staterooms - our luggage was right there in front of the door, so that made things very easy. If they hadn't shuttled the luggage as they did, I think it would be a huge hassle to get everyone's bags to the right place. When people just get on board, they don't know where they're going, and the hallways are narrow, and they've got a ton of stuff they need to move. This was very smooth. My parents had the room on the left, ES and I had the center room, and then DM and JK had the right most room, all in a row. The balconies were connected, which was really cool. It made it easy to hang out with everyone since we could just run next door and enter through the sliding door vs. knocking on the front door. After everyone assured that their liquor made it through in the checked luggage, we breathed a sigh of relief and headed to the safety meeting. They just covered what to do in emergency.

Finally, at 5p, we embarked towards Ketchikan. They had a party on the top deck as we were leaving Vancouver. Live music, booze, it was a lot of fun. We were all really caught up in the excitement of getting the trip started. I snapped some pictures until we got to the Burrard inlet when it got a bit chilly and I headed back to the room. We had dinner all together plus a couple from Oregon/Arizona.

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