Friday, August 24, 2007


Alaska Trip, Day 1

I decided to post a series of entries for the recent Alaskan cruise I went on with family + ES.

(Day 01 Photos), got up at 3:30a to make a 6a flight to Vancouver. Flew on Alaska airlines, everything went smoothly. Checked in 3 bags; I usually avoid checking bags, but we needed a lot of stuff for this trip. We got stuck in line at baggage check behind this family with 4 kids, all under 6 - ES later accurately identified it as a litter. They just had a mountain of luggage, and the kids were all clamoring for various amounts of attention. Took them nearly 20 min to just get their bags checked.

Arrived at 9:15a, and had the whole day to see Vancouver. Took a cab from the airport, and the driver was the nicest guy - told us all about Vancouver. He'd lived in many cities around the world, but Vancouver was where he was staying. First song when we got into the taxicab: something by Celine Dion. Oh Canada!

My parents met us as we arrived at the hotel - it was a very nice place with views over Coal Harbor. There was a sea plane company running flightseeing tours with take-offs every 10 minutes or so. It is really a sight to see those planes land and take off from the water - actually every single stop we made on this trip had sea planes. 1 in 6 people in Alaska have a pilot's license, and 1 in 34 owns a plane.

We all took a little walk, and split ways. ES and I hiked around Stanley Park - it's a nice park area within walking distance of the west end of Vancouver, as it's called. Swans, geese, ducks, were all in there. There is an area called "seawall" on which a mason supposedly worked for 36 years of his life. Then we saw signs that it was "closed" since it was "unsafe." Bummer for that dude :)

Found a bike rental place - too bad we didn't find that sooner, since it would have been fun to bike around and see even more of the city.

Saw a tree growing on what looked like the 25th floor of a condo - BIG tree, too. Then had some lunch at a bar looking out into English bay, and headed back to the hotel. Went out to dinner - couldn't convince my parents to try Brazilian BBQ, so we had some great food (and superb service) at a place called, the keg, i think.

ES and I walked around town after dinner - it was a Friday night, and the streets were packed with people shopping. Got some liquor to take on the boat - 3 flasks of rum!

Brother and his friend made it to town after dinner, so after saying, "hi," ES and I called it a night.

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