Sunday, July 06, 2008


Background Extra in 24

Just a post for posterity. I worked for the Fox TV show "24" in the fall of 2003, and I made it into a couple of the episodes. At a party last night we found the two episodes and I don't want to have to go back and look it up again. It was season 3, episodes "3PM" and "6PM". At 3PM, I was behind Tony when he's announcing to put all resources into finding Kyle Singer. At 6PM, I was an onlooker as Jack Bauer lands a helicopter in downtown LA, hops out, and pushes his way through a crowd to get into the subway. I had to move out of the way for him to get past the crowd, and I was wearing shorts (they wanted the show to be set in the Fall, so they weren't happy I wore shorts - I didn't know though!).
Here's the guides:
Day 3, 3PM
Day 3, 6PM

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