Monday, October 27, 2003

First Day of Work:

Today I went with JM at work to a business in Lake Forest, CA, to work on a piece of medical machinery. I found out once we got there what I was really getting into, and really, it seems like it's doing the stuff I liked most in college, except this time I'm getting paid for it. We started work there at around 10:30, and including a lunch, we were done in 6.5 hours. Not bad - I was home by 6pm. The commute is going to be killer, so I can't wait to move closer.

I go to a meeting in Carson tomorrow morning at 9am - traffic will be a nightmare, but the meeting should be interesting. It might just be my first assignment - but I'm not sure.

I do know that everyday will be totally different as CC said at the interview. One day I'm at some factory figuring out a machine I've never seen before and the next I'm programming a new implementation of HMI software for a completely different sector manufacturer. Interesting!

Sunday, October 26, 2003

The fires down here in LA are unbelievable! My relatives all say that these are the worst in 10 years at least, if not worst since they've been living here. Everything is covered in ash - when I turned the fan on in my car to cool it down, ash all blew out the vents. I know the ash is affecting my breathing - ever since this has started my throat has been scratchy and painful. Hopefully it will pass, but it doesn't seem like there will be any relief soon. The rain doesnt come for another month at least, and that is the only way to end these fires.

So far many people have died, 10 according to CNN, and 8 according to local news. I feel sorry for them - the fire just moves so quickly, and the people were sleeping so they didn't have any warning. I can't feel sorry for the people who built houses out there that are losing them. If you buy a house and don't know that the area is a fire hazard, then you deserve this! Now everyone in the area is going to get hosed on home insurance because of these idiots up there who will have huge claims to get their homes replaced. Not to mention Governor Gumby, who is still in office, has pledged tons of my tax money to help fight these fires. It is good to fight the fires, but if the homes weren't up there, maybe we wouldn't need as many resources to fight it and would isntead just let the fires burn themselves out like they have done in nature for hundreds of years.

In other news - one of the fires were started by arson, I hear. That is pitiful.

I changed the oil in my car today with my uncle - I like being able to do that myself! It isn't very cost effective though, so we'll see how much of it I do in the future.

Friday, October 24, 2003

Good news: 75 days after I started looking, I found a job! I now work for Control Engineering located in Anaheim Hills, California! Yep, just signed the papers today, and I start working Monday.

This means I'm going skiing over winter with ES, KS, and PH! Maybe others also. Lake Tahoe baby! Very crazy times right now, but good crazy. I have to start a list of things to work on and then prioritize them so I dont forget anything important. I need to move out, and go shopping this weekend also for work clothes.

The work environment is very nice: flex time, business casual and jeans day on fridays. Plus everyone seems nice - I can't wait to get started.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Ok, another job interview. Does anyone read this? No big deal if you don't - it's cool dude.

Interview went alright! The second gal that interviewed me was giggling when she showed me how to get out of the building - and I don't know why! She must have been flirting with me... VERY unprofessional. Anyway, the company seems pretty good to me. They had an ad in the Sunday paper that covered a full page, so that means they have a billion applicants, and I am but a spec on their radar. Hopefully they're remember me and hire me. I'll take it!

Went to a job fair also - talked with about four companies, and probably 2 promising leads. I am following up on those this week.

Monday, October 20, 2003

Monday - got a call for another interview, this being my third one. I'll go to that on Wednesday.

The company I interviewed with last just called me back today saying they'd have to wait to let me know if they would hire me, though they did not have room in their budget now for me. We talked a bit and the guy said I could call him back every so often to see if they're able to hire me then. So that's a good thing!

Otherwise, been playing a lot of Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. The game is pretty good, but stupid tough in some spots:

Andy's Video Game Policy: If it's hard, it's not worth playing.

That may sound wimpy, but it's true. I have a hard enough time applying for jobs and getting by normally, why would I want a video game to kick my ass? So I use a walkthrough when I get stuck - sweet! Graphics on the game pretty much suck, but the gameplay is alright. The range of weapons is actually really good because once you "unlock" the new weapon, it isn't necessarily the one that has lots of ammo available on the level, or isn't always the best one to use in every situation.

No movies this weekend - I have to spend less on that stuff while I don't have income. I'm paying to live now (for food, and stuff) at my other Aunt's, so I've gotta keep that money around! I'm settled in at my new place, but I hope I get a job so I can finally get my own place.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Ah yes, movie reviews:

Out of Time
A story about a Florida sheriff in a smallish town who gets framed for arson/murder. The story takes place in one day over probably 12 hours or so. Chemistry between actors in this movie is weak, but that's not a big deal. It was an OK movie, probably a 6 out of 10. The plot was always interesting and not very predictable, although characters were motivated by less-than-believable circumstances. (Warning: Spoiler coming up here) I don't want to give the movie away (as if anyone actually reads this) but just think about the antagonists at the end: ..... WHY?? The guy is already a football player and mega rich!! (After note: I just found out that he apparently was recently cut from the football team - good thing I didn't pick that up nor care at all while watching the movie!) Whatever. 6.5 out of 10.

The Rundown
Pretty funny movie, but unfortunately the writers couldn't be creative enough to break the ridiculous "bite the hand that feeds you" standard Hollywood adheres itself to: the capitalist was the enemy. Yep, Christopher Walken's character plays some "greedy capitalist" who is ravaging some nation in the Amazon. Sorry, "The Rock" and Mr. Walken, but you wouldn't have a job if it wasn't for capitalism. What is this movie trying to say other than the above you ask? Well, maybe it's saying The Rock can be an actor. He did do all of his own stunts which was very impressive. The movie dragged on though as the plot was nonexistent - once again, no chemistry existed between these characters. Sorry guys!
5 out of 10 (only because it was a good excuse to have some decent stunts)

Fast and the Furious 2: 2 Fast, 2 Furious
Ok, made me want to buy the new Mitsubishi Evolution. The cars were pretty neat in this movie, but the stunts weren't even that magnificent. Maybe I'm desensitized to stunts or something, but many of these were computer generated. And obviously so. Let's see -- something good to say.... soooommmmeethinggg... The female racer was hot in this movie... and... Bad guy was a drug dealer, so it's good to take him down. Plenty of conflict between all characters also. Sometimes I wonder about this NOS stuff, too. Is it something I should get on my car? Doubt it. Anyway, I saw the movie on Wednesday last week, and have since forgot most of it. Oh yea, well, the message of the movie has been essentially overdone - drug dealer, baad. The style of the movie was really cool though - there was a section on the DVD showing how they selected cars for each actor, and how they styled the cars to be both believable to the street racer crowd, and the general public who might root for the "green car." They held back on styling the main character, Brian's car, because his character was a minimalist in nature. The hot chick Suki, though, had quite a lot done to her car to make it look really feminine. Japanese anime graphics on the side and all that. I wouldn't drive the car, but it did look cool anyway. So my summation of all this?
6 out of 10

Finally, my list of future movies to see:
kill bill
lost in translation
revelations matrix
return of the king LOTR
mystic river
25th hour
30 short movies about glen gould
school of rock

Monday, October 13, 2003

Pretty fed up today - no replies from interviews, no new interviews.

Thursday, October 09, 2003

I'm now moved into my other Aunt's house - I got her computer all put back together and it is quite a mess of wires now with the DSL modem, Wireless router, usb splitter, etc etc etc etc. CraZY! And I have my PC box setup now so I can RDC into it. I love this setup!

Having trouble getting the back/forward buttons on my MS intellimouse working though...

No callbacks Thursday or Friday unfortunately. Hopefully Monday.

Cleaned out some hard to get at components in my car - they had been collecting leaves and garbage for probably 12 years! All clean now - should protect me from rust for a few more years.

And I help my uncle pull his friend's boat out of the water on Wednesday morning. Actually, I'm just taking pictures as this company pulls it. The boat is having some bearings fixed.

No word back from the companies I interviewed with yet. Today I just worked more with my previous and ordered the next play I'm reading with the book club. "An Enemy of the People" by Isben. 12 bucks, I'd say is a good deal!

Also looking into trading some stocks, but I'm not sure how much I paid whenever I bought into it, and Ameritrade isn't sure either.... Working on that after their customer support gets back to me.

Panther is coming out for Mac but they wont give me the upgrade even though I've had my machine for, what, a week? It is very pitiful of Apple to do this to me. Needless to say, they won't get my $130 for a 10.2.5 -> 10.3 version upgrade!! They're not doing a great job making me happy coming over from the PC world - in fact, I'm keeping this PC around for a while because of the mac's shortcomings.

I'm psyched about Bluetooth though - I hear there is a USB adaptor with two transceivers that eliminates the printer communication wire. I'll have to look into that after I start making some money. Also a wireless keyboard and mouse and headset would be nice.

Finally, when I do get a job, I want to get on one of these online music stores. The problem: iTunes doesn't have MP3, BuyMusic is pricey, and also doesn't have MP3... Hopefully Napster 2.0 will have the MP3's...

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Great job interview today with another company. The job is doing exactly what I'd like to be doing, and it has a future that I could grow with also. Location, office culture, it all sounds very positive. Plus the interview went smoothly. I hope this is "the one." :)

Friday, October 03, 2003

Amazing! I got a second interview setup for next wednesday with another engineering company! I'm pretty overwhelmed with these two in one week after almost 2 months of sending out resumes. The job market DID turn around today, though very slightly. It is all good signs for me to finally get my job. More after the interviews on the positions and how they went.

Thursday, October 02, 2003

That new google search feature did come up huge for me. I have an interview setup for Monday with a company I found on that "geographical serach." Exciting! The job would be Visual Basic programming support with a little SQL exposure. I'll say more after the interview.

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