Wednesday, September 22, 2004

RIP My Samsung T300 Phone.

Thee hath provided me with 6,847 calls which hath totaled a lifetime of 448 hours 36 minutes and 25 seconds of chit chat, and it was good. Your digital service was usually reliable with your enormous antenna, and combined with your analog mode, you gave me service from boats, planes, cars, from the Midwest to the West coast, from 14,500 feet elevation on mountains and from my apartments. Your battery was reliable as well, powering me up to 2 days with sparse calling. I will never forget your wonderful games "Push Push" which was a puzzle game, and also "Fly Ribbon." I will forget your other games though, they sucked. But your calculator was always useful, and your big time display was also excellent industrial design. Certainly your newer brothers do not provide such games and features without fee!

Anyhow, this said, I shall copy down my phonebook manually from you and then lay you to rest. I will now make my final phone call on you thusly deactivating you, and activating my new phone, the Audiovox CDM3900.

---- Samsung T300, August 2002- September 2004.

Monday, September 13, 2004

OK, so I'm on track for the EIT exam according to mail I got yesterday. Good.

Saw "Before Sunset" which is the R. Linklater sequel to his 1995 movie "Before Sunrise." Both were great movies, and very unique against the rest of the linup at the megaplex I saw it at. Can't help but fall in love with the characters and settings.

Went biking this weekend, fixed my stunt kite which I broke just taking it out of the bag, and fell asleep on Sunday at 6pm because of food coma.

Got the "GO" for the train odometer project at the bagel shop.

Going to Vegas for New Years!!

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