Monday, October 04, 2004

Did a BBQ on Sunday - gotta always bring sunscreen with me to the beach even if it looks cloudy. Ouch! It's like my face is on fire!

I got my stunt kite to fly for the first time. The strings need to be about 20 meters long and the wind has to be pretty strong, but everything worked well. I had to repair the kite since the first time when I took it out of the bag and broke it immediately. :D Very fun hobby! I want to go fly the kite now, but I have work.

Planning a Santiago Peak hike this weekend, and a Gorgonio hike in late Ocotober.

And ES got a job! Congrats to her - it's a great start. Now it seems like she just has to put in some time, get some lines on the resume, make some buddies in the industry, and if all goes well, she'll be off to a career she'll really love.

Got a 17" LCD for $200 through, and I also found a way to hack my new Audiovox CDM8900 phone to remove the "Verizon Wireless" message that hogs the outside display 50% of the time instead of displaying the clock. I got the USB cable off ebay for $12.50, and also got a faceplate while I was at it. It's (faux) Carbon Fiber!!! Fancy!!!

The probability course I'm taking is taking up a lot of my time. It still doesn't come very easily to me. Midterm is on Monday, so we'll see then how the rest of the semester will go...

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