Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Finished my first class at USC, got a B+. Wrecked my car on Christmas Eve Eve. No injuries, but my car is gone now. Parents visited with my brother for the holidays, and it was nice spending time with them. DM and I went biking together in the San Joaquin Hills - what a beautiful area. It was almost going to rain, but we beat the rain by 1 hour. I used my new GPS that ES got me!!! It tracks the path I took and tells me stats about it - I love stats and GPS.

Ordered a new car, gotta wait 4-8 weeks for it to come from the factory. Also went to Las Vegas for new years which was great - major props to RW for putting us up in his apartment. I lost again at the tables (just $40) but it's silly to go there to win. I go there to have fun! Saw a sweet band on new year's eve. I'm not sure that I need to do that kind of a new year's every year though - the one last year with CC and his familiy and friends up in Torrance was very very fun also, but in a different way. I hear CC is going to put on another party for the end of 2005, so I'm definitely going to try to make it.

Then this weekend I'm going to Mammoth Mountain in the Sierra Nevadas. That's a 6 hour drive, and we're supposed to get one of the big storms of the century this weekend. I'm renting a 4x4 so we should be fine.

Just keeping busy as always - gotta find a new apartment by the end of the month. Hoping to upgrade a bit - this place is a little small. I'd like a garage.... ES wants to get close to the coast, so maybe we can swing that! Dishwasher would be nice. Thought about buying property in early '05, but I don't think it's the right time to get in in my life, nor the right time to get in given the market trend.

DM is going to Japan for 4.5 months! That means getting a visa and everything - good for him! It'll be very intense, and I know it's going to be a big adventure which he just can't ever forget. I was thinking about my trip back in 2001 ("yup! Back in aught-one I remember....") to Japan, and it hit me that I had no idea where my trip journal was. It is electronic, partially, so I had to dig through a lot of old CD's and hard drives to find it. Now that I did, I have it on multiple backups - sweet. Also backed up my photos from 2004: 1007 photos! I love digital cameras - I can capture so much more.

The year was good in all: I got back into hiking, got a little into mtn. biking, started an academic graduate program, got a great job with some awesome people, and there isn't much bad to say. I will work to make 2005 even better. Always push the envelope, I like to say.

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