Saturday, June 04, 2005

Since January 5, a lot has gone on which I'll summarize. I did end up getting a new car by the end of February, which was a long time to not have a car. I bummed rides and actually borrowed one car from JT at work. Got the car through Autoland, which was pretty slick, and I believe that I got a good deal. The dealerships wouldn't sell me the car I wanted (color, features I wanted). They kept trying to throw in some junk I didn't want, so they did not receive my sale. Since the purchase, I have 2500 miles on the car, and it's running alright. It's a standard transmission, which takes a little extra work than an automatic - fun though. The thing is easy to keep clean, too since it's smaller (Scion tC).

ES won free tickets to a May 4th revealing of the new disneyland parade. It was a huge media day at the park, and we were invited. The lines were very short, and the weather was nice - so we had a great full day there. It was a vacation day from work for me, and ES had to rearrange her last day at her previous job to allow her to go. So there's another thing - ES got new work at the same company as me.

Her new job seems to be a lot better match as far as the work she wants to do, and it should be a lot less intense on her wrist, which hurts her a lot if she uses it repetitively. The people at the new job seem to be a lot better people for her to be around - they can probably guide her on to her next job too, which is what a career is all about. The last job she had didn't have anything like that. Cog in the machine. This new job is a significant raise for her, so she will be a lot better prepared to replace her car when it comes time. She was hired in as a college hire, so it's as if her last job was never on her record, which is good because it would have been a very low entry point to have to build salary from. Instead, she's at a pretty decent level now, with a lot better benefits. She did it all by herself too - I did not do anything to get her the job!

Started back into hiking and getting at least a little fit. Haven't gotten to the top of anything since I went in the snow to the top of Baldy in the winter with LM from work. The ACH is closed for 40 miles, too, due to landslides, so it's hard to get into any of the hiking along that road. Probably I will need to hike Santiago - no snow there, and the road is presumably open to get to the trailhead.

My Brother, since I last posted, has gone to and returned from Japan. He spent 5 months there for his spring semester studying and doing a lot of travel around the country. I think his experience there was very similar to my experiences there, and he is glad to be home. I'm not sure what his plans are for the summer.

Aunt and Uncle sold their house, and they're moving back to Nebraska. They'll be moving on July 4th or before, so I'll be helping them with packing. This is good news for them, because this was part of their retirement plan.

Finished my 2nd class of 9 in the MSEE with a B since I last posted. That was a tough course, and I'm glad it's behind me. I'm taking a lower level course this summer, but it is bound to be just as hard. So far so good though. An A would be so nice.

Biked to work yesterday - that was the first time since I moved to this new apartment in February. I'm 2.5 miles away, so it's about a 20-25 minute bike ride. Only problem: I get really sweaty on the ride over. It's nice to get the heart rate up at least twice a day, and really, it's not too much shorter to get there by car. Just less... wet. The new apartment is about 30% larger, with rooms! I was missing having rooms. No freeway noise, and it's right above a nice blue pool. Neighbors are fairly quiet, no big complaints. One new neighbor is pretty loud and trashy, but it's really not too bad. Also, kids play 8 hours of Marco Polo in the pool, which is terrible. We're under the approach to an airport, but the planes are always landing, not taking off, so that's not too horrible since their engines are off.

Work has been going well - I'm approaching my 1.5 year mark in the same position. A lot of things that were just notions when I started there are in motion now, fully researched and in development. That's a neat concept. When these products are complete, and after they're broken in, I'll have some major accomplishments under my belt. Did a few business trips to D.C., Boston, and also a trip to the desert. D.C. was beautiful, but I understand I went during their 4 weeks of nice weather per year. Sounds a lot like Omaha, but, we were right along the Potomac, which was wonderful, what with the history and all.

MAS visited, so did RW. I've gotta take a quick trip out to visit RW this summer, though I don't know when. I should plan something. And MAS is moving to Italy, and he invited me to visit. I really want to take him up on that offer this spring break. Maybe for 11-12 days, I'd like to hit Milan, Munich, Rome, Venice, and if there's time, Florence.

That's all for now - I'm sure I'll post in the next 5 months.....

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