Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Did anyone else hear that cell phone ring during the 2006 State of the Union speach? No one reacted to it that I could see, but it was T-Mobile, I think.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Just a quick post. Made it down out of Mammoth Lakes, and then the next weekend headed to Vail. I really didn't feel like going, which is hard to contemplate. But, I had been gone so much for the holiday, and I just wanted to be home and live a normal life. I try to have a policy of enjoying where I'm at while I'm there. Of course, I love to ski, so I just put normal life on hold. The skiing was quite intense - black diamond slopes are far more difficult at that resort than any other I've been to, and we had a huge snow storm the first day. I was REALLY pushing the envelope as far as the places I was going on my skiis. Very dangerous feeling, but I improved my skills a lot. Had a great time skiing with Ilya Tanya and Paul, and of course the other folks on the trip were great too. Very cool group, and some very skilled skiiers/boarders out there.

Vail was pricy. $5.50 for a 20 oz Gatorade at the top (11,500 ft at the highest point). The views were beautiful, and I ended up having a great time. Spent one day at Beaver Creek. My mom had no idea I was out skiing this weekend in Colorado, so that was good. She didn't have to worry (she thought it was the next weekend) and by the time she was just gearing up to worry, I was home :) Maybe I should do that in the future?!?! My bro hit Vail the week before me and told me it was tough, but I had no idea he meant it was that tough.

The distance you can go from the main village is amazing (7 horizontal miles into the mountains). You go up the mountain, down the back side, and then up another huge mountain. It's the adventure of exploring hazardous terrain under extreme conditions that makes skiing fun, actually. I got blitzed with Ilya at Moe's Original BBQ at Lionhead down the street from Vail Village. $2 24 oz PBRs, which were perfect for an end of the day buzz.

Lots of good things going on at work, and I'm going to take the GMAT to try to start on my MBA. 2006 is shaping up to be quite good so far.

Monday, January 02, 2006

ES, KS, PH, and I are stuck up in Mammoth Lakes, CA due to snow and avalanche danger. We tried to get out of town, but only made it to the border before the highway patrol stopped us and turned us back. We've got a 4x4 truck so as soon as they open the roads, we'll totally be able to get out of here. it was so fun driving around today with the truck though. snow coming down,tons of snow all over the roads, and the parking lots, but we easily got around - never got stuck. It was a chevy trailblazer. The thing i've learned from this trip is that there is no such thing as too prepared.

we only got 2 days of skiing in due to weather -we were planning on 3 days. But i'm looking at this as a warm up for my vail trip which is in 2 weeks. THe snow was great one of the two skiing days which was a real treat. Now we're staying at my friend AC's condo with everyone else who is stuck up here. Plenty of room though, and it's comfy. I'm just glad that all of the infrastructure other than the roads are working great (power, water, etc). Remember how we always talked about how important infrastructure is? :) We have tons of food at the condo. BUT i'm looking forward to getting back to my apartment. I've been gone for winter break since dec 22, and i'm ready to get home.

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