Thursday, March 30, 2006

Went to Vegas with DM last weekend! It was his 21st bday, so this was, I hope, the perfect trip for celebration. We were upgraded at Bally's to a RIDICULOUS suite for no increase in cost - they had overbooked the rooms. They called it the townhouse suite. I thought I heard the desk gal say something about townhouse, but I didn't know what we were getting at the time. I asked, "Does it have two beds?" since A) we had reserved a 2 bed room so we could sneak in DM's other two friends JK and M? into the room. She says, "No, just a king bed." "Can we get a roll away?" I ask, "I'd rather not sleep with him." I turn to DM, "We can trade off on the roll-away." We get our roll-away delivered up there sometime later, and head up to the tower.

We're on the 25th floor. I note in the elevator that there are only 26 floors. We go down the hall and open the door to our room. The ceiling is 30' tall. But there is no bed. We gasp a little bit, walk in, and then notice there's a staircase. Up the staircase there is another small room, and then a hallway down to the bedroom, which has ~20' ceilings, a jacuzzi right in the room, king size bed, bidet, shower, two vanities with sinks. It was crazy. I figured that this wasn't luck - I had basically paid for it with my losses on the last trip :P

I figured I was lucky enough to get the room that I didn't gamble much on this trip. Never sat down at the BJ table. Just pulled a slot machine for my UT (got that on video, which was fun for when I got back to Socal). Otherwise, drank a ton, went to Shadowbar with DM loved. Met up with BN!!!!! He was in a pool tourney that same weekend, so it was cool to meet up with him and his new pool friends from Norcal. Great group, it seemed. There was a fooseball, airhockey, and billiards tourney going on all at the same time in the back of Riviera. It was like a bar game mecca. Anyway, BN didn't win the torney - too bad. Ended up drinking a lot down at Bellagio, and called it a night around 2a.

I got DM and his friends to the airport and then left town on Sunday. Seems like we all had a great time!! Tough drive back - hard to focus driving that far, and had to stop a few times to just sleep a little, drink a little water, all that.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Just got back from Vegas - I lost some money, but that's ok since I got the hotel room for free from a friend who was there on business! Saw Ka while I was there with ES. It's a Cirque de' Soleil show, and it was well done for sure. Worth the money, but I wouldn't have paid for the more expensive seats. A neat experience. And I have another Vegas trip setup for March, plus a Mammoth trip in March also. It has been designed to be a busy money, I see. Woops - work is crazy too. A lot of our people were removed from the group, so our group is overloaded with work to do.

School is great this spring - the class is actually helpful for my job! And it's very interesting - the professor is very qualified, though I'm a bit worried about my grade; I know most of the stuff the course covers at a beginner level, and the course only goes slightly deeper into these subjects. My homework grade was far worse than I thought I deserved since I'm basically a professional at this stuff. O well, whatever it is, it is.

Rain today, which is uncommon.

Haven't been hiking or biking in a while :( What a bummer. And I'm missing a family cruise that my folks planned at the last minute. I hope they have fun; this month is just too intense to take a whole week off of work.

Updated my myspace account today - I just can't get into any of those myspace/friendster/orkut/facebook sites too easily since the people I know are spread out all over. I'm glad to just have my own webspace here to post stuff. It's more personal than those other ones, eh?

I went back and randomly found a paper I wrote 3 years ago for college. It was about an electronics project, and I really enjoyed looking back and remembering the details of the project. All projects have special intricacies, which are tough to surpass at the time, but once you figure out the trick around it, you tend to forget it. That's engineering, actually. That project by the way was my Camera Robot, which is here:

Other projects I've done are here:

And my most recent project: Putting a headphone jack into my car so I can plug my new iPod Nano into the car:
*Def. wierd drilling holes in your car. It's in the name of science!

Did I ever blog about filtering vodka, speaking of science? I did a blind taste test with some friends (JF and VY), filtering cheap vodka through a Brita filter. Worth a try, since it tastes so much better. Someone has to tell me if the filtered vodka is less alcoholic though. I suspect it is less alcoholic by a lot, since the active carbon charcoal in the filter is designed to adsorb (yes, adsorb, not absorb) hydrocarbons as well as impurities.

Finally, I completed the GMAT and got my scores this past month. I'm going to interrupt my MSEE to do an MBA. Sure, I'll finish the first thing off, but the MBA seems so much more interesting right now, and I think it will actually be more beneficial for the effort.

By the way, the GMAT people are terrible. They can't keep anything straight. They forgot that ES wanted to send her official scores to any colleges at all, and they just randomly forgot about 2 of mine. And we both paid them $250 for the honor of taking the test! I can't believe the racket they've got setup.

So what's the deal with Apple (AAPL) stock?? Hold? Sell? Just not sure. Props to Bryan N. for his AMD work. They just topped $40/, which is wonderful. Just gotta hang on, and take out Intel.

KS was telling me about his calculation to figure out when buying property was actually worth it vs. renting. He had an interesting concept: the rent money you would spend is gone no matter what. So you calculate the property's value over time, with appreciation of 4% or so. What you get is that after 2 years the loss on the property is equal to the loss if you paid rent. Then after that 2 year mark, you start to gain ground against apartment rent.

Enough. I'm a binge blogger. Have I mentioned that before?

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