Tuesday, May 02, 2006

ES and I both got accepted into the MBA program at USC! We both performed quite well on the GMATs after 3 weeks of intense study - it was well earned. Then we both applied at the same time. It was about 6 weeks later that USC got back to us by phone. Actually ES saw on the Marshall School of Business website that the application status was: ACCEPTED. Then we got the phone calls soon after - ES is in at Irvine, and I'm in at the LA campus. Hopefully we can both be up at the LA one.... she's trying hard to switch. My other two friends VY and JF also got in, though I think J is going to be going to UCI instead. This is all great news - no one is left in the dust :)

Went hiking with the VY/JF yesterday up at Santiago peak. It was a short hike, but as I'm out of shape, it was still tough. ES came out with some damage, but it will heal - nothing terrible.

The final for my spring MSEE course is coming up Friday. Shouldn't be too bad.

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