Sunday, June 04, 2006

Well, I ended up not registering for the MBA this year. There's no reason for me to rush, and with ES going to the Irvine campus, it makes sense for me to just complete my MSEE. That will be done in May 2007. Then I can begin the MBA in Fall of '07. This may be an even better idea because by that time, ES will be moved up to the LA campus for the remaining 2 years of her degree, and I might even be in range to go to UCLA MBA school instead (Anderson School of Business). I got an A in my spring course, which was my first A at the grad. level. I always like to keep these great long term goals, but not forget to celebrate the short term successes (it's a matter of mental health).

Hiked a 9mi round trip this weekend; Icehouse Canyon in the Cucamonga wilderness area. That is quite close to Mount Baldy village, though I had not been in that area before. It was good to see a new trail to try that's still close to home. The trip took 5 hours walking. Height was 8303', trailhead at 4900'. The top wasn't spectacular, but the whole trail was quite beautiful. Very full, rushing creek with ice cold, crystal clear water. We spotted a spring along the trail - suddenly there was a stream on one side of the trail, but not the other! Have never seen one before.

I have scheduled a July trip to Yosemite. Haven't been there before, but it sounds like fun. A friend, AC, is scheduling the whole thing. So this hike, and perhaps 1 or 2 more will have to suffice for training for that trip. Plans are to hike Half Dome on that trip in one day. The trail is approx. 19 mi., however altitude gain is not substantial over that distance. I'd like to be able to do Baldy through Bear Canyon before that big trip.

My computer completely crashed last week over the 3 day weekend, and I got a cold at the same time. I pushed through it all, got some good help from the internet and the Apple store, and then recovered nearly all of my data. That includes pictures taken since 2003! Luckily, they are ok (after $90 spent on recovery software, "Data Rescue II" - kudos to their software team, by the way). I am now doing a double backup of those pictures to an external HD and also some DVDs.

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