Tuesday, January 23, 2007

It is fitting that I post to this blog on the eve of President Bush's 6th State of the Union.

But that's not the topic - the topics at hand are my Christmas tour of the Midwest USA, and following trip abroad to Argentina, South America.

We first went to E's parent's in Missouri, and then flying at 8pm on Christmas Day, arrive in Nebraska with 2 hours of Christmas left. Missouri was fun - got to know her folks a little bit, which was in order since we're engaged now, eh? Saw the arch, went to the brewery, and put together most of a jigsaw puzzle (a tough one). The arch was really neat - way neater than I expected. The shape was such that from the top, you can see the entire base. E was scared though - she didn't like my joke about the trap door she was standing on :) The 4 minute ride up to the top was kinda crazy in these little egg-shaped tram trains.

The brewery smelled so bad, but the beer was at least tasty. I'm normally not a huge fan of Budweiser, however I can't pass up a brewery/winery/distillery tour!

E's fam normally opens gifts on Christmas morning, however somehow everyone got convinced that Christmas Eve was the best time to do it! Then we just spent Christmas Day hanging around the house, watching old band videos, and doing a jigsaw puzzle. Our flight out of STL was at 8p, and we got into OMA at 10p. So that's where the 2 hrs. of Christmas in Nebraska came from.

We ended up staying up REALLY late and opened gifts as soon as we got home. While in Omaha, we had all the meals planned out before I got there, and I did some shopping for work clothes and clothes/gear for my Argentina trip in-between. Also DL and AL had their baby! E and I went and visited them, and TM met us there. D offered for me to hold the baby, but I had to pass - not my bag yet. Cute baby, tons of hair. Horrifying to hear what AL went through... *shiver* Too much talk about cutting, etc. So.... uh... CONGRATS TO THEM! :)

We also booked our Alaska cruise while in Omaha with AAA. That will be in August - geeze, so much traveling lately. It's great now, but I'm going to have to skip traveling so much to make up for all this. Bummer, probably no skiing this season. It's a tough trade off, but these trips aren't just your std. ski trip.

That brings me to the Argentina trip. I had one night at home in LA to pack before leaving the next day with BG and AC. I got home, and quickly arranged everything into my new large Kelty back pack. I so didn't want to unpack just to pack again, but I pulled it off with enough time to get a decent night's sleep. For all details on the Argentina trip, I've put together a page on my website with a summary and photos. Tons of photos on there, and more to come in the next month or so as certain dudes get their computers fixed :)

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