Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Baldy and The Commute

Got a hike in with LP and RH last weekend on Mt. Baldy. There was a bit of snow, but all in all, it was a very pleasant hike. And the weather was great for this time of year - visibility was at least 75 miles at points, and wind was relatively calm. LP really has a great eye with the camera - the pictures he took came out great. Ends up that unfortunately I pulled my left calf and have been limping for 3 days - should be healed by tomorrow.

Also, just wanted to post some statistics about my commute.
It is 54 total miles per day, riding the train for 40 of those miles.
Subsidized train cost is $1.10 per day, and driving is (According to AAA)$0.57/mi *14mi = $8. Total cost is $9.10/day, $45.50/week.
Commute time is 2 hrs per day, 10 hrs per week incl. a 30 min walking per day. Commute speed: 27 MPH avg.

I'm hoping to do a White Mountain hike in the coming months - that is above 14,000. Perhaps there will be time this summer to try Williamson-Tyndall.

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