Friday, May 23, 2008


Mount Baldy Fire

There was a ~490 acre wildfire to the west of a town called Mount Baldy, which covers a portion of a trail I've hiked numerous times on my way to the summit of Mt. San Antonio (a.k.a. Mount Baldy, same name as the town, but it's a mountain peak a few miles away). Today I found a link which shows the perimeter of the fire:

The perimeter of the burned area.Looks like Bear Flats, a very scenic, green meadow about 1.5 mi into the trail was totally torched. After about 5 min crossing a stream and along the side of that meadow, then the trail goes up this steep hill to the top of a ridge. This portion of the trail has about 25 switchbacks, and the brush was about as tall as me, and had overgrown quite a bit making it tough to get through without getting scratched by the thorny growth. On a couple of my hikes, these bushes were all filled with bees working intensely with the pollen. Looks like that's all burned now, though! It will be interesting to get back up to that trail this summer if it is opened to see how it has changed.

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